Become a Cannabis Retailer


Applications will be processed based on the following factors:

• One location, per application, per Applicant processed at a time,
• Applicants applying for an Age-Restricted Licence are restricted to no more than 15% of the Manitoba Cannabis retail market share based on Age-Restricted Licensed Cannabis stores in Manitoba,
• Application forms must be completed in full,
• Applicants must demonstrate financial capacity to support opening inventory requirements,
• Applicants must identify the type of location they are applying for:


In order to become a Retailer, Applicants must successfully complete the application process, enter into a Cannabis Store Retailer Agreement with MBLL and be issued an applicable Licence from the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA).


There are four (4) steps involved in the application and licensing process. The time required to process an application varies among applications; however, if an Applicant qualifies for Step 2, Applicants should expect an approximate processing time of two (2) to four (4) months. Applications will be processed concurrently, subject to volume and resources. MBLL, or LGCA, may request additional information at any time as required.

Step 1: Application Process
Applicants participating in Step 1 will solely be working with MBLL during this step.

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