Social Responsibility Training




Informed Gambling Foundational

Required by Liquor & Lotteries (must be retaken every two years).

The 45-minute training is for casino employees whose responsibilities include observing or interacting with casino customers.

You will gain the skills needed to provide customers with accurate information on how gambling works, learn how not to add to gambling myths and identify yellow, orange and red flag behaviours along with how to escalate them to the appropriate person for action or follow up.


Selling Smart 
Required by Liquor & Lotteries (must be refreshed annually).

The one hour Selling Smart training focuses on employees’ responsibilities around not selling to minors or intoxicated customers and how to handle refusals.


Smart Choices 
Required by Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA).

For those who sell liquor in a licensed service or retail establishment. This includes those who deliver liquor to homes for licensed establishments. Individuals must complete the Smart Choices Responsible Service Certification before beginning work. It costs $45 to take this training, which is available online, in a paper-based format and through in-class training. Visit to take the program and test. Smart Choices certification is valid for five years.