In order to become a Retailer, Applicants must successfully complete the application process, enter into a Cannabis Store Retailer Agreement with MBLL and be issued an applicable Licence from the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA).

Applications will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness in the order that they are received. Processing applications in the order that they are received does not guarantee an Applicant to have their application completed before another Applicant. Individual application processing times will vary depending on (among other things) MBLL processing time/volume/resources, LGCA processing time/volume/resources, and the individual processing/response time of the Applicant.

Circumstances that may prolong an application timeline include but are not limited to the following:

• Duration of security background check
• Complexity of the corporate structure
• Incomplete application submissions requiring additional and/or multiple discussions with the Applicant
• Applicant delays in responding to either MBLL or LGCA when requesting clarifications or further information
• Applicant delays in providing MBLL with a signed Cannabis Store Retailer Agreement and supporting documents that form part of the Cannabis Store Retailer Agreement
• Outstanding approvals of all required municipal permits and approvals
• The location/site is not ready/does not meet initial LGCA inspection requirements
• The location/site is not ready/does not meet the final LGCA inspection requirements

Note: This list is not exhaustive as there are many factors that affect processing time.

Applicants wishing to apply for multiple locations may do so but must fill out a separate application for each location (one to one). If an Applicant submits multiple locations on one application, their application will be denied.

Applications are reserved for one (1) retail location at a time. Where an Applicant wishes to open multiple locations, MBLL will process one location at a time. Meaning, the Applicant should submit their applications in the order they wish to open their potential stores (priority based). When the first store is open, MBLL will then start working on the second application for the second store, and so on.

All Applicants are restricted to owning no more than 15% of the Age-Restricted Licensed stores in the Manitoba market. If you are a current Age-Restricted Licence holder, with one or more Licences, your current Licences will be factored into this calculation.

For the purposes of the application, 15% of the Age-Restricted Licensed stores in the Manitoba market shall be defined as the current number of Age-Restricted Licensed stores multiplied by 0.15.

Current number of Age-Restricted Licensed stores in Manitoba = 30

Maximum number of Age-Restricted Licensed stores per Retailer = (30 x 0.15 = 4.5)

4 stores = 13.3% < 15%, allowed

5 stores = 16.7% > 15%, not allowed

As additional Age-Restricted Licensed stores are approved, the calculation will be modified to account for the most current number of Age-Restricted Licensed stores. Note – the more Age-Restricted Licensed stores that are approved, the more stores/locations the Applicant could apply for.

In the event an Age-Restricted Licensed store closes and their Licence is cancelled during the application process with an Applicant, MBLL will handle as follows:

• If MBLL has emailed the Applicant in response to their application advising the Applicant that their application is being worked on and within that email confirms the Applicant qualifies for a location (i.e. they meet the 15% ownership restrictions on the Age-Restricted Licence criteria) MBLL will continue working with that Applicant to open their location.

• If MBLL has not emailed the Applicant to advise they qualify for a location and their application has been received and is being worked on, the application will be set aside until the number of Age-Restricted Licensed stores increases. MBLL will communicate with the Applicant to let them know their application will be set aside until further notice.

Applicants will work with both MBLL and LGCA throughout their application process. When to work with either of these organizations is listed below in the Steps.

All aspects of all applications are subject to ongoing reviews by MBLL and LGCA.