Liquor Customer Self-Service (CSS)

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has fully launched our new liquor ordering system. This online system replaces ATLAS with new and improved features and functions.

As of April 20, 2022 ATLAS is no longer available.

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CSS Release Update

We are pleased to announce a new CSS Release is now live, which includes the following updates to the application:
New & Improved

  • LTO Enhancement: Price alerts now available to view (all items on promotional pricing).
    • New column added called “Price Alert”.
    • Option to filter products on promo.

Click here for more information on this new feature.

  • Product Catalogue Enhancements: Changes to the Product Catalogue Views for easier selections.
    • The ‘Quantity Available’ and ‘Unit Price’ columns now appear next to product description.
    • The ‘UPC’ column has been moved “Additional Product information” section.
    • You may now simply enter your product quantity to select products, then add to shopping cart. (No longer need to click on check mark boxes to select, as they are now removed).
    • Once products are added to shopping cart, revisions to the order can now be made directly in shopping cart. (No need to go back to Product Catalogue).
    • If an item appears green in the Product Catalogue, this confirms the item is in the shopping cart, and it will remain green until final checkout.

Click here for more information on these changes.


CSS Support

Should you require support or need assistance placing your order please contact our support team:
Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm at 204-474-5500 or
If you require a CSS user name and password, email

CSS Live Training Webinar

The CSS Live Training Webinar was hosted on March 31, 2022 which included training, live demo and Q&As.

Thank you for your attendance and participation! To watch the recorded webinar session please click here: CSS Live Training Webinar Video

To review the FAQs from the webinar session, please click here.

CSS Training Materials


Micro Learnings

  • How To Set Up Additional Admin Account. Click here.
  • How To Unlock User Accounts and Reset Passwords. Click here.
  • How To Reset/Save Your Own Password. Click here.
  • Placing Reoccurring Orders Using Order Templates. Click here.
  • How to filter by distributor. Click here.
  • Understanding Delivery Charges - Using the Reprice Order Button. Click here.