VLT Siteholders

Update - The VLT Network will be turned back on Monday, June 22 at 9 am.

As Manitoba carefully reopens for business, Video Lotto wants to help you prepare to serve your customers safely once the VLT network is reopened.

To help maintain social distancing after the network is up, many VLTs will remain turned off through Video Lotto’s Central System. Placing plexiglass barriers between VLTs is not an approved method for social distancing. The reconfiguration of VLT gaming areas to achieve social distancing is being reviewed.

Following the reopening, it is important that VLTs are effectively cleaned after each player’s use with the prescribed 70% alcohol-based solution.
Do not use ammonia-based products as they could damage the VLT.

Please see the VLT cleaning and social distancing information located at the bottom of this page for guidance. 

If you have any questions, please call your VLT site representative or contact Video Lotto at 204-957-2500 or videolotto@mbll.ca.

VLT Sites – Reopening FAQs

Q: When will we have our VLTs be turned back on?
Your VLTs that have been designated for social distancing will be operational on Monday, June 22 at 9 am.

Q: Where and when did the Manitoba Government announce its Phase 3 Plan affecting VLT siteholders.
The Manitoba government has confirmed its Phase 3 Plan for implementation on June 21. Part of the Phase 3 Plan includes the opening of Indoor Recreation, Including All Non-smoking Sites with VLT lounges, Bingo Halls, Billiard Rooms, and other Indoor Amusement Centres.
For more information on the Phase 3 Plan, please visit https://manitoba.ca/covid19/restoring/phase-three.html

Q: Will all my VLTs be operational once the network is back up?
No, some of your VLTs will remain off to create the social distancing required by Manitoba Health to keep your customers safe. Video Lotto’s Central System will determine which VLTs remain on through its VLT site plans and site visits.

Q: Can I have my VLT site plan reconfigured so more VLTs can be operational?
You can contact your site representative to discuss that option.

Q: How can we establish social distancing around our VLTs?
Post social distancing signage near your VLTs. There should only be one chair and one player per VLT. Remove chairs from disabled VLTs to encourage social distancing.

Q: What are the important guidelines for cleaning VLTs?
VLTs should be cleaned after each player’s use with the recommended 70% alcohol-based solution. Do not use an ammonia-based product as it may damage the VLT. 

Q: Where can we purchase the recommended cleaning products?
Please consult with your cleaning supplier to find the suitable products.

Q: Do I have the option to leave my VLTs off as I won’t have the staff to clean VLTs frequently?
We encourage you to keep your VLTs operational and cleaned after each use to accommodate your customers. A significant portion of the VLT network will already be disabled to create social distancing.