General Information and Licensing

MBLL is the exclusive wholesaler of non-medical cannabis in Manitoba and sells to authorized private Cannabis retailers in the province. Retailers must purchase cannabis, and products containing cannabis, through MBLL’s product catalogue. This catalogue includes only products that contain cannabis, with uniform pricing to all retailers. Retailers are responsible for sourcing their own cannabis accessories.

As the cannabis industry in Canada continues to grow and mature, Manitoba is currently prioritizing Cannabis suppliers of innovative products to fill any gaps in the current product offerings, as well as products requested by the Licensed Retailer network. 

Innovative products can be defined as:

  • Unique and/or new products that currently are not offered
  • Underserved products, product categories or sub-categories
  • Competitive pricing
  • Brands with demonstrated performance in other markets
  • Historical legacy market brand recognition


A full listing of licensed cannabis retailers can be found on LGCA’s website:

Manitoba uses a direct ship model between suppliers and retailers. Suppliers must include cost of delivery in their price to MBLL.

There are cross-docking services in Manitoba to assist suppliers with the challenges of a direct ship model. Details can be found here: