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Becoming a Supplier with Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is responsible for the wholesale supply and distribution of retail cannabis in Manitoba. Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries purchases cannabis from federally licensed producers (Suppliers), including local producers, and distributes to licensed private Retailers. The process to become a listed Supplier with Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is through our Call for Listing.

Call for Listing

From time to time, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries may request proposals from qualified Suppliers, licensed by Health Canada for both cultivation and sale, to provide a legal source of cannabis and meet product requirements for the sale of non-medical cannabis in Manitoba. Open calls for listing will be posted on this web page.

If you are interested in listing product in Manitoba, and are licensed by Health Canada, please submit a request through the "Contact Us" section below.


Becoming a Retailer in the Province of Manitoba

The province of Manitoba has permitted an all private retail market. Businesses, organizations and individuals who want to sell cannabis in Manitoba must have a retail cannabis license and a retail agreement. Manitoba's cannabis regulations do not permit a person to sell cannabis in Manitoba solely through the online channel. In order to sell online, a retailer must open a physical store as well.

Every non-medical cannabis store in Manitoba must have a Cannabis Store Retailer Agreement that is accurate and as current as practicable. All retail cannabis agreements will be handled through Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL). If you have any questions, please send us a message through the "Contact Us" section below.


Cannabis Store Retailer Agreement

The steps required to enter into a Cannabis Store Retailer Agreement with MBLL.

  1. Retailers are required:
    • to enter into a Retailer Agreement with MBLL within ninety (90) days of being advised they are the Successful Retailer; and
    • to apply for an Age Restricted License with LGCA immediately following the signing of a Retailer Agreement.
  2. Retailers are expressly prohibited from assigning or transferring the opportunity to establish a Cannabis Store.
  3. The following applies to the successful retailers from Lottery Draw; if:
    • a Successful Retailer for a community declines the opportunity to establish a Cannabis Store in that community; or
    • the Successful Retailer for a community fails to enter into a Retailer Agreement with Manitoba within ninety (90) days of being advised they are the Successful Retailer; or
    • the Successful Retailer for a community fails to complete the license application process with LGCA; the Draw Coordinator will notify the Successful Retailer in writing that the opportunity to operate a Cannabis Store in withdrawn.
  4. Retailers must provide:
    • a civic address in their accepted community
    • a copy of Appendix A of the Store Retailer Agreement outlining location details
    • if required by the community, a social responsibility location review of that civic address
    • a Band Council Resolution (if a First Nation)
  5. To enter into a Retailer Agreement, the Successful Retailer is required to provide MBLL with:
    • A copy of your lease agreement
    • a $50,000 Letter of Credit
    • proof of insurance
    • a clearance letter from the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba
    These documents as well as all renewals of these documents are to be mailed to:
    Attention: Roger Dacquay
    842 Milt Stegall Drive
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 3L4
  6. Retailer may liaise with MBLL to develop the Agreement
  7. Retailers will receive a PDF of the Agreement for signature and electronic return. The signed PDF of the Agreemeent is forwarded to the designated officer for signature and electronic return. MBLL provides the full signed Agreement, along with the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL) Retailer Directives, to the retailer.
  8. MBLL will share with the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority (LGCA) a copy of the signed Agreement, the lease, and the Band Council Resolution (if applicable).
  9. LGCA will proceed with the retailer for licensing purposes.
  10. Upon receipt of a license number from the LGCA, MBLL to proceed with the retailer for supply purposes.

The Retailer Agreement Form is shown below under Cannabis Partners Forms.


Cannabis Contact Centre and Ordering Information

  • To place an order for cannabis product(s), the Retailer must fill out the Retailer Order Form in its entirety. Failure to complete the form in full will delay processing.
  • All completed Retailer Order Forms must be emailed to: for processing. The Cannabis Contact Centre will provide you with an MBLL tracking number for your order. Please keep record of this number.
  • To contact staff, please email the or call 204-957-2500 extension 8710 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM (Winnipeg time), Monday through Friday (closed holidays).
  • When your order has been placed, you will receive an Order Acknowledgement (by email) from Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries referencing the Sales Order number assigned to your order.

*Please note that orders will be placed as quickly as possible, but are subject to Supplier(s) inventory availability/response time. If a Supplier is unable to supply all products/quantities requested, a Buyer will be in contact with you to discuss how you would like to amend your order.

* Please use the Sales Order number and/or the MBLL reference number provided to you for any inquiries regarding the status of your order. This will ensure we are able to address your inquiry in a timely fashion.


Product Catalogue

  • An updated product catalogue will be posted on the first business day of each week.

     * Retailers must always use the most recent product catalogue posted to this website (and must not save a copy to their computer) as the product catalogue is subject to change weekly. Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries will only process orders based on the most current version of the product catalogue and is not liable for any discrepancies.


Pre-Authorized Debit Information

  • As a reminder to all Retailers, when an order has been placed, MBLL will debit your bank account same day, or next business day. Please ensure to always have adequate funds in the bank account assigned for Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries pre-authorized debit transactions. Failure to have adequate funds will result in a delay in order processing and possible financial penalties.
  • If any of your banking information has changed, please use the Pre-Authorized Debit form shown below, fill it in in its entirety, and email the completed form to:


Retailer Directives

  • The Retailer Directives form an integral part of the Retailer Agreement. The purpose of these Retailer Directives is to communicate expectations and clarify the relationship between the Retailer, the cannabis Supplier and Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.
  • The Retailer Directives support the Retailer Agreement with a standardized approach so all Retailers are following the same directives. Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries shall be entitled to modify these Retailer Directives from time to time on notice in writing to the Retailer.
  • Please see the Retailer Directives document under Cannabis Partners Forms to view all details.


Federal Regulatory Reporting

  • Health Canada and Statistics Canada require all cannabis Retailers to provide monthly reports summarizing the movement of their cannabis inventory and sales. In the province of Manitoba, all Retailers must submit these reports to Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries by the end-of-day on the seventh day after the end of the reporting month. As directed by the Federal Government, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries will be responsible for submitting these monthly reports to Health Canada and Statistics Canada on behalf of the Retailers.
  • Please email you reports to:
  • These reports must be submitted to Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries as comma-separated-value (.CSV) report files as per the email you would have received from Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.



The Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) oversees the licensing and regulation of cannabis in Manitoba.

For your convenience, please find below the contact information for the LGCA:

Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA)

Telephone: 204-957-5300

Toll-Free: 1-800-782-0363




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